Gravel Hill School



Walk to School Wednesday.

Our Y6 WOW monitors survey each class every Wednesday to see who has managed to Walk to School, even if it is a part drive, part walk trip.

WOW stickers are then presented every month for children who manage to walk every Wednesday.

Our WOW Monitors are:

Caterpillars- Samuel Adenuga

Dragonflies- Tomiwa Adediji

Ladybirds- Ebenezer Aremu

Butterflies- Olivia O'Brien

Starfish- King Alubankudi

Seahorses- Peter-David Ebot-Ntui

Seals- Mia Wells

Dolphins- Dhiren Sharma

Penguins- Tobey Wilks

Polar Bears- Can Ali

Crocodiles- Ella Reynolds-Phillips

Alligators- Lara Speedie

Lions- Jessica Kataria (Captain)



This year the school is being supported by the KM Charity Team ‘Green Footsteps’.  Newsletters, resources and prizes will be supplied by the team, and each week we now present the Green Footsteps trophy to the Green Class of the Week.  More information can be found on their website:




We are the JRSOs of Gravel Hill Primary School 2016-2017. We wanted to apply for this job by writing a letter because we think that children’s safety is very important and will always come first! You can spot us by our JRSO badges, our names are:


We organise competitions, train young children on scooter safety and promote all aspects of traffic awareness. We have meetings every Monday.

We are fully committed to this job and we aim to do bigger and better things than last year’s JRSO team!

Don't forget that the JRSOs also have a display in the hall where they will keep you up to date with all of their "Safety Work"

Frankie Coray, Peter-David, Mia Wells and Farida Adefenwa.






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