Gravel Hill School


Keeping us Safe


.Our curriculum is full of exciting opportunities where we are taught how to keep ourselves safe.

These include:

Y6 meeting with secondary staff about transferring to secondary school.

Y5 and Y6 had a Childline workshop , to understand the importance of safety and what to do if they are concerned about any issues.

KS1 and KS2 have all attended a Road Safety Workshop so that they understand how to keep safe .

Our JRSOs have organised an assembly based on riding scooters safely, the follow up to this assembly resulted in the JRSOs running a Scooter School for Y2 pupils.

Pupil Governors have met with Nick Morgan from the Young Minds project to discuss issues around emotional well- being for children.

Our local PSCOs have run workshops and assemblies around the following topics:

Cyber Bullying

Stranger danger

The role of the police


Guidance from the NSPCC - The Underpants Rule

Please visit the following link and read the leaflets below for further information

Keeping safe on line The Underwear Rule NSPCC