Gravel Hill School


School Uniform

•Black or grey trousers or skirt/culottes

•Green and white summer dress in warmer weather

•White polo shirt or blouse

•Bottle green school jumper or cardigan with the school logo

•Black shoes without a logo or flashing lights

•Plain black trainers without a logo

•Black sandals with a back strap for support  (with socks)

•Boots may be worn for travelling into school, but children will need to change into school shoes or plimsolls whilst indoors


•Black, grey or white socks  

•Girls may wear green, grey or black tights

•PE Kit of white t-shirt,  bottle green shorts and black plimsolls – black trainers may be worn for outdoor PE

•Outdoor PE (in the cold months only) children can bring in a plain black/green tracksuit.

•A book bag and water bottle

•All long hair must be tied up at all times

•Hair bands/ scrunchies must be either green or white.

•Clothing of religious significance (i.e. hijab, turban) in green or black

The only jewellery that can be worn is:

•A small pair of gold or silver stud ear-rings which must be removed or taped for PE.

•A small watch, with alarms etc. disabled

uniform PE kit 2 The new coat Click here to purchase uniform.